Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mint craziness... part 1

Mint teas have to be some of my favorite teas to drink. They are so refreshing and they are timeless. There is no time and place to drink a mint tea! Straight mint teas can also be mixed to other tea to add freshness and the benefits from them are amazing (rely on my blog post about the benefits of peppermint teas)

My reviews on a few peppermint teas by Davids teas

Peppermint Amour is an herbal tea, meaning there’s no caffeine at all.

The first smell: The leaves themselves are very herby and peppery - very fresh!  As it is only peppermint leaves, there isn’t much to say about it!

The steeping time is very short. I usually steep my mint teas to the limit, so a full minute. For the sake of this taste test, I did not add any sweetener but feel free to add some honey or agave as it is excellent and does enhance the taste greatly. I absolutely ADORE the smell of the tea as its steeping. You can already smell the revitalizing smell of the mint; it puts a smile on my face.

Once stepped, the tea has a beautiful amber color, the smell of it will unclog your nose! After drinking it, you really do feel the freshness  going down and cooling you off, so refreshing and revitalizing.  You can feel the soothing feeling in your stomach. This mint tea is so potent and is excellent if you suffer of a cold.

Peppermint Amour to the left
Organic Spearmint to the right

Organic spearmint is also a caffeine free tea.

The first smell: The smell of this one is my favorite of all mint tea. It is like smelling a mint candy: sweet and delicious.

I also steeped this tea for 60 seconds and did not add any sweetener as spearmint is naturally a bit sweeter than peppermint. the smell of it is a bit less overpowering and you don't get that STRONG nostrils opener feeling you get with Peppermint amour. 

Once its stepped, it's also a beautiful light amber color, smells refreshing.For those who aren't too fond of mint tea but want to be able to get the benefits of the herb without getting too much of its taste, this is probably a better option. It mixes wonderfully with lemon and honey if you are looking for a great cold remedy.

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